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Seek My Face

A Jewish Mystical Theology

Dr. Arthur Green

6 x 9, 304 pp, Quality Paperback, 978-1-58023-130-5

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The new Jewish spirituality lies somewhere between God’s elusive presence in our world and our search for authentic language to describe it.
Personal journeys seldom have a clear beginning, and they rarely have a definite end. If there is an end to our journey, surely it is one that leads to some measure of wisdom, and thence back to its own beginning. But somewhere along the way, we come to realize that we must know where we have been going, why we have been going. Most of all, we come to understand as best we can the One who sends us on our way.
—from the Introduction
Rabbi Arthur Green leads us on a journey of discovery to seek God, the world, and ourselves. One of the most influential Jewish thinkers of our time, Green has created a roadmap of meaning for our lives in the light of Jewish mysticism, using the Hebrew letters that make up the divine name:
  • Yod— Reality at the beginning. God as the oneness of being at the outset, before it unfolds into our universe.
  • Heh— Creation and God’s presence in the world. A renewed faith in God as Creator has powerful implications for us today.
  • Vav— Revelation, the central faith claim of Judaism and the claim it makes on our lives.
  • Heh— Redemption and our return to God through the life of Torah and by participating in the ongoing repair of the world.
A personal and honest framework of understanding for the seeker, this revised and updated edition of a classic sheds new light on our search for the divine presence in our everyday lives.
“A luminously heretical exposition of and agenda for the new Jewish spirituality.”
Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, author, The Way Into Jewish Mystical Tradition
Seek My Face takes us on an exhilarating journey into the heart of the religious experience. To this quest Arthur Green brings the integrity of a scholar, the sensitivity of a poet, the insight of a mystic, and the deep Torah of a rebbe.”
Rabbi Marcia Prager, author, The Path of Blessing: Experiencing the
Energy and Abundance of the Divine


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