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The Dance of the Dolphin

Finding Prayer, Perspective and Meaning in the Stories of Our Lives

Karyn D. Kedar

6 x 9, 176 pp, Hardcover, 978-1-58023-154-1

Also Available in Paperback

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We live in two seemingly incompatible worlds—rational and spiritual.
How can we keep our balance?
Like the dolphin who exists in both water and air, so must we learn to live and thrive in two conflicting worlds—the rational, material, everyday craziness of life versus the still, spiritual soulfulness of our deepest selves. Balancing the two—difficult as it often can be—is the key to our spiritual survival.
Through poignant stories, spiritual teaching and insights, Karyn Kedar shares with us the ways we can integrate the everyday—family, work, personal challenges—with our quest for deeper spiritual understanding. She helps us to decode the three “languages” we must learn to weave the seemingly ordinary and extraordinary together:
Prayer—The path through which our souls connect with the Divine.
Perspective—How we define life’s twists and turns, and how our words and actions define the quality of our lives.
Meaning—The quest to understand and make sense of all that seems incompatible.
In graceful ways, Kedar shows us that by realizing the connection between the ordinary and the awe-inspiring, we can synchronize our hearts with the ways of the world and live with joy, a sense of calm and greater purpose.
Praise for the Work of Karyn Kedar:
“Weaves together profound experiences from her own life to offer readers a glimpse into the sacredness of ordinary moments.”
Lawrence Kushner, author of Invisible Lines of Connection: Sacred
Stories of the Ordinary
and other books
“This inspiring collection of stories…will touch your heart and soul. It points us towards the spiritual that is present in everyday life.”
Marci Shimoff, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul
“You can’t help but be drawn into the quest and drama of what it means to live fully, while maintaining a God-connection.”
Rabbi Shoni Labowitz, author of Miraculous Living
“Elegant, stirring, soulful.”
Rami M. Shapiro, author of Minyan: Ten Principles for Living Life with Integrity
“A sanctuary for the soul…as gentle and soothing as prayer.”
Beverly Beckham, Boston Herald columnist and author of A Gift of Time


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