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Winner—National Jewish Book Award!

I Am Jewish (PB)
I Am Jewish (PB)
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    Code: 978-1-58023-259-3
    Price: $19.99
  • About the Editors
  • Being Jewish. What does it mean—today—and for the future? Listen in as Jews of all backgrounds reflect, argue, and imagine.
    When Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was brutally murdered in Pakistan, many Jews were particularly touched by his last words affirming his Jewish identity. Many were moved to reflect on or analyze their feelings toward their lives as Jews.
    The saying “two Jews, three opinions” well reflects the Jewish community’s broad range of views on any topic. I Am Jewish captures this richness of interpretation and inspires Jewish people of all backgrounds to reflect upon and take pride in their identity.
    Contributions, ranging from major essays to a paragraph or a sentence, come from adults as well as young people in the form of personal feelings, statements of theology, life stories, and historical reflections. Despite the diversity, common denominators shine through clearly and distinctly.
    Contributors include:
    Ehud Barak • Sylvia Boorstein • Edgar M. Bronfman • Alan Colmes • Alan Dershowitz • Kirk Douglas • Richard Dreyfuss • Kitty Dukakis • Dianne Feinstein • Tovah Feldshuh • Debbie Friedman • Milton Friedman • Thomas L. Friedman • Ruth Bader Ginsburg • Nadine Gordimer • David Hartman • Moshe Katsav • Larry King • Francine Klagsbrun • Harold Kushner • Lawrence Kushner • Shia LaBeouf • Norman Lamm • Norman Lear • Julius Lester • Bernard-Henri Lévy • Bernard Lewis • Daniel Libeskind • Joe Lieberman • Deborah E. Lipstadt • Joshua Malina • Michael Medved • Ruth W. Messinger • Amos Oz • Cynthia Ozick • Shimon Peres • Martin Peretz • Dennis Prager • Anne Roiphe • Sandy Eisenberg Sasso • Vidal Sassoon • Zalman M. Schachter-Shalomi • Daniel Schorr • Harold M. Schulweis • Lynn Schusterman • Natan Sharansky • Gary Shteyngart • Sarah Silverman • Michael H. Steinhardt • Kerri Strug • Lawrence H. Summers • Mike Wallace • Elie Wiesel • Leon Wieseltier • Sherwin T. Wine • Ruth R. Wisse • Peter Yarrow • A. B. Yehoshua • Eric H. Yoffie
    “Should be mandatory reading in all Jewish schools in the United States and Israel.”
    Yuval Rotem, Consul General of Israel
    “Thought provoking ... reflect[s] the vibrancy of contemporary Jewish life.... Inspiring.”
    Church & Synagogue Libraries Newsletter
    “Captures the richness of interpretation of Jewish identity and inspires Jewish people of all backgrounds to reflect upon and take pride in their identity.”
    Jewish Book World
    “The eclectic nature of the contributors makes for a varied level of sophistication, thoughtfulness, and comprehensiveness.... This volume demonstrates the varied nature of Jewish identity in the world today.”
    Library Journal
    “Compelling reading. Wide ranging in perspective ... a rich, bold, meaningful, intense and joyful vision emerges.”
    New York Jewish Week
    Judea and Ruth Pearl, the parents of Daniel Pearl, are cofounders of the Daniel Pearl Foundation ( The Foundation’s mission is to promote cross-cultural understanding through journalism, music, and innovative communications.

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