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Be Like God

God's To-Do List for Kids

Dr. Ron Wolfson

7 x 9, 144 pp, Quality Paperback, 978-1-58023-510-5

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Become a real superhero! Learn how to use the powers God gave you to continue the work of creation and repair the world.

“We don’t have to pretend to use the powers God has given us. These powers are real and they are super! Our God shares God’s powers with us so we can make our lives better and the lives of others better. When we learn how to use God’s superpowers, we become God’s partners— God’s superheroes—on earth.”

—from the Introduction

This inspirational guide for kids ages eight to twelve is a marvel, showing them (and their families) that it’s easy to become God’s partner on earth: figure out what God does in the Bible, then do it!

God creates, blesses, rests, calls, comforts, cares, repairs, wrestles, gives and forgives. For each of God’s superpowers, Dr. Ron Wolfson gives kids stories and suggestions for what might be on their own God’s to-do list— the many ways they can use their superpowers to make a difference in the lives of others, and find meaning and purpose for their own.

“Brings [a] unique blend of acute insight, down-to-earth wisdom and warm humor to the world of Jewish children’s books…. Jewish values come alive in the stories, the questions and the suggestions for ways to do good and to feel better about oneself in doing so. A book not just to be read, but to be done.”

Dr. Jonathan S. Woocher, chief ideas officer and director, Lippman Kanfer Institute, JESNA

“An extraordinary combination of Jewish teaching, folk stories, practical exercises and reflections that lets a child build internal power and call out for greater strength…. A must for every teacher and every parent [who] wishes that our children grow up able to turn within and to God to know joy and face challenge.”

Cyd B. Weissman, director, Innovation in Congregational Learning, The Jewish Education Project, New York

“Ron Wolfson has inspired generations of adults and children to learn. Here is his inspiration on the page: Give this book to a child and watch his or her eyes light up with the excitement of spiritual growth.”

Rabbi David J. Wolpe, rabbi, Sinai Temple, Los Angeles, California; author, Teaching Your Children about God

“It’s hard to say what delighted me more: reading this book as a rabbi or as a mother. Written with a passion and sensitivity that can only flow from a teacher who truly believes that good books can change people’s lives, that the eyes are the windows to the soul … and that we are all—every one of us—angels with important things to do in this world.”

Rabbi Sharon Brous, founding rabbi, IKAR, Los Angeles, California

“Amazing. Every kid who wants to talk to their parents about God but can’t must read it.”

Emet Hirsch, age 9

“Like no other book for Jewish families today—thought provoking, engaging and rich with meaning. Invites children and their parents to think, talk, reflect and act in ways certain to enrich their spiritual lives.”

Dr. Marc N. Kramer, executive director, RAVSAK: The Jewish Community Day School Network

“Wonderful. Each chapter presents an opportunity for meaningful conversation and connection with each other, along with the understanding that each of us truly has the ‘superpower’ to make this world a better place.”

Nancy Parkes, director of congregational learning, Temple Israel Center, White Plains, New York

“By page 13, I could tell that this book is awesome. It’s different from any other book I personally have ever read.”

Eva Brous-Light, age 8

“Warm, wise and wonderful. This is the book that will energize young people to be God’s hands to heal the world. (And it might even motivate the parents reading over their shoulders, too!)”

Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson, dean, Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies; vice president, American Jewish University

“By challenging young people to act God-like, Ron Wolfson—a superhero in Jewish education— is fostering the partnership between humanity and the Divine! I am looking forward to using [this book] with our b’nai mitzvah students at Beth El Congregation.”

Eyal Bor, PhD, director of education, Beth El Schools, Rabbi Mark G. Loeb Center for Lifelong Learning; director, Beth El Congregation, Baltimore, Maryland


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