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Minding the Temple of the Soul

Balancing Body, Mind & Spirit through Traditional Jewish Prayer, Movement and Meditation

Tamar Frankiel and Judy Greenfeld

7 x 10, 184 pp, illus., Paperback, 978-1-879045-64-4

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This new spiritual approach to physical health introduces us to a spiritual tradition that affirms the body and enables us to reconceive our bodies in a more positive light. Using Kabbalistic teachings and other Jewish traditions, it shows us how to be more responsible for our own spiritual and physical health.
Each chapter explores the meaning of traditional Jewish prayers, providing a framework for new thinking about body, mind, and soul. Simple exercises and movements help our bodies "understand" prayer, and show how the body's energy centers correspond to the Kabbalistic concept of the ten divine "rays of light," the Sefirot. And meditations and visualizations allow us to further enhance our spiritual awareness.
Using the structure of the Prayer Wheel, readers can move step by step toward wholeness of body, mind and spirit:
• Modeh Ani  Awakening our body and our soul
• Mah Tovu  Creating a temple for our soul
• Asher Yatzar  Focusing on the gift of our body
• Bircat HaTorah  Balancing our mind through the gift of Torah
• Elohai Neshamah  Connecting with the soul using the Sefirot 
• Elu D'varim  Walking on a God-centered path
Clearly illustrated with photos and diagrams to guide readers, this active, creative approach allows us to tap the power of the Jewish tradition—to awaken the body, balance the mind, and connect with the soul.
"A brilliant roadmap into the power of prayer as it was meant to be understood....This book belongs in every health spa and at every retreat center in this country.... Magnificent."
Caroline M. Myss, PhD, author, Anatomy of the Spirit; co-author,
The Creation of Health
"A fine source of Jewish wisdom for those who wish to learn, apply and practice this ancient wisdom in everyday life."
Bernie S. Siegel, MD, author, Love, Medicine & Miracles
"A fascinating and creative work, this book clearly teaches us how to practice an embodied Jewish mysticism."
Nancy Flam, Co-founder, The Jewish Healing Center
"I was amazed and delighted... Bodily exercises and dances by which the body, the breath, and the soul can teach each other how to walk a sacred path."
Rabbi Arthur Waskow, Pathfinder of ALEPH, Alliance for Jewish Renewal; author, Godwrestling—Round 2


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