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Award of Excellence—Body, Mind and Spirit  Magazine!

Excerpted in Reader's Digest and the Wall Street Journal !

Being God's Partner

How to Find the Hidden Link between Spirituality and Your Work

Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin
Introduction by Norman Lear

6 x 9, 192 pp, Quality Paperback, 978-1-879045-65-1

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Award of Excellence—Body, Mind and Spirit  Magazine!

Excerpted in Reader's Digest and the Wall Street Journal !


What is spirituality anyway? Isn’t spirituality about emotion?
And isn’t work about the rational mind?
“Too often, we divorce our ‘work life’ from our ‘real life,’ from our innermost beliefs and convictions. But ‘work’ can be as much a part of our life—and as much a vehicle for spiritual growth and personal  understanding—as going to synagogue or church on Saturday or Sunday or taking a walk in the woods or reading quietly to our kids at bedtime. In fact work may be among the most potent vehicles for fulfilling our spiritual life because, for many of us, it presents the best opportunities to meld community and social and economic productivity with personal belief and individual talent.”
— from the Introduction by Norman Lear
Being God’s Partner will help people of every faith reconcile the cares of their work and the strivings of their souls—and restore the hidden link between them.
By exploding our assumptions that work and spirituality are irreconcilable, Salkin explores how spirituality can enhance our 9-to-5 lives. “It is time to be as rich internally as we are externally,” he writes, offering soul-stirring ways to “smuggle religion” into our workplace.
Thought-provoking, practical and exhilarating, Being God’s Partner goes beyond just talking about the subject to give you specific actions to take and connections to make—right now—to help infuse our lives with greater meaning, purpose and satisfaction—and invigorate all that we do.

“Deeply rooted in the wisdom of our Jewish tradition.... Compelling.... Highly readable.”

Jewish Exponent

“Offers specific, concrete ways to invite the spirit back into our work.... An exemplary blend of traditional religion and contemporary life.”

Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul

“Encourages us to incorporate our values and spirituality into our professional lives without compromising values or our livelihood.”

Jewish Family Times

“Will challenge not only Jews caught up in the hustle and the hassle, the distractions and desperations of the occupational world but everyone of whatever denomination concerned about making sense out of life and responding to the longings of the spirit within the soul.”

Fr. Andrew M. Greeley, professor of Social Science, University of Chicago

“Proposes ways to help connect people, of all religious backgrounds, between their daily pursuits and spiritual essence.”

Southeastern Virginia Jewish News

“An eloquent voice, bearing an important and concrete message.... Engaging, easy to read and hard to put down—and it will make a difference and change people.”

Jacob Neusner, Distinguished Research Professor of Religious Studies, University of South Florida


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