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My People's Passover Haggadah Book Set


Edited by Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman, PhD, and David Arnow, PhD

Volume 1
7 x 10, 304 pp

Volume 2
7 x 10, 320 pp


—20% Savings
Includes Volume 1 & 2 (both in HC)

Finalist—National Jewish Book Award
Modern Jewish Thought and Experience



“Fascinating.... Provides a new translation of a traditional Hebrew text introduced by background essays and interwoven with contemporary commentaries.... All the great voices of Judaism over the centuries are heard.”
New York Times
“Will provide Jewish families and groups with a richer understanding of this major holiday, its observance, and its meaning for their lives. Highly recommended.”
Library Journal
“Everything you ever wanted to know about the Passover haggadah, from multiple perspectives: biblical, historical, theological, legal, rabbinic, mystical, feminist–and then some…. The plurality of voices lends richness to the reader's understanding…. [An] illuminating resource.”
Publishers Weekly
“The beauty of the series is the number of different perspectives offered on the text.... A valuable resource for any Jewish library.”
Association of Jewish Libraries Newsletter
“Highly readable, thoroughly engaging, useful and informative … truly a people’s book. An almost bottomless treasury of knowledge for enriching any seder.”
Jewish Book World
“A very detailed, informative [and] valuable tool for anyone who wants to understand the Haggadah.... Fact-filled, interesting, and easy to read.... Delightful.”
Jewish Eye
“Valuable.... Never overestimates the reader’s knowledge, but it never underestimates the reader’s intelligence.... Challenges the reader to ... study the text seriously and spiritually. Those who use this Haggadah will find that the seder is capable of nurturing the mind and soul.... A useful resource.... Contains enough material for many years of study.”
Jewish Media Review
“Exciting.... A must for every English-speaking Jewish family.... What a blessing these volumes are!”
Kolel: The Adult Centre for Liberal Jewish Learning
“A fine resource for preparing for the seder and for use at the table.... Reflect[s] anew on the haggadah.”
Publishers Weekly
My People’s Passover Haggadah
Traditional Texts, Modern Commentaries
In two volumes, this empowering resource for the spiritual revival of our times enables us to find deeper meaning in one of Judaism’s most beloved traditions, the Passover Seder. Rich Haggadah commentary adds layer upon layer of new insight to the age-old celebration of the journey from slavery to freedom—and makes its power accessible to all.
This diverse and exciting Passover resource features the traditional Haggadah Hebrew text with a new translation designed to let you know exactly what the Haggadah says. Introductory essays help you understand the historical roots of Passover, the development of the Haggadah, and how to make sense out of texts and customs that evolved from ancient times.
Framed with beautifully designed Talmud-style pages, My People’s Passover Haggadah features commentaries by scholars from all denominations of Judaism. You are treated to insights by experts in such fields as the Haggadah’s history; its biblical roots; its confrontation with modernity; and its relationship to rabbinic midrash and Jewish law, feminism, Chasidism, theology, and kabbalah.
No other resource provides such a wide-ranging exploration of the Haggadah, a reservoir of inspiration and information for creating meaningful Seders every year.
David Arnow
The World of Midrash
Carole B. Balin
Modern Haggadot
Marc Brettler
Our Biblical Heritage
Neil Gillman
Theologically Speaking
Alyssa Gray
Medieval Commentators
Arthur Green
Personal Spirituality
Joel M. Hoffman
Translating the Haggadah
Lawrence A. Hoffman
History of the Haggadah
Lawrence Kushner and Nehemia Polen
Chasidic Voices
Daniel Landes
The Halakhah of the Seder
Wendy I. Zierler
Feminist Voices
“The Haggadah is a book not just of the Jewish People, but of ordinary Jewish people. It is a book we all own, handle, store at home, and spill wine upon! Pick up a Siddur, and you have the history of our People writ large; pick up a Haggadah, and you have the same—but also the chronicle of Jewish life writ small: the story of families and friends whose Seders have become their very own local cultural legacy.... My People’s Passover Haggadah is for each and every person looking to enrich their annual experience of Passover in their own unique way.”
—from the Introduction
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