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The Story of the Jews

A 4,000-Year Adventure—A Graphic History Book

Stan Mack

6 x 9, 304 pp, Illustrated, Paperback, 978-1-58023-155-8

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A Fresh Look at 4,000 Years of Jewish History—Authoritative, Complete...Funny
Through witty, illustrated narrative, celebrated artist Stan Mack will take you on a rewarding pictorial journey through 4,000 years of ups and downs in Jewish history. The first “graphic history book” of its kind, The Story of the Jews celebrates the major characters and events that have shaped the Jewish people and culture, illustrating what it means to be Jewish.
You will visit all the major Jewish happenings from biblical times to the twenty-first century—from Abraham and Sarah on the banks of the Euphrates to the Diaspora, intermarriage, and the State of Israel.
  • Moses receiving the Ten Commandments
  • The triumph of King David
  • The creation of the Talmud
  • The rise of Christianity and Islam
  • The Crusades
  • The Inquisition
  • The Enlightenment
  • Life in the new Babylon (the United States)
  • The birth of the state of Israel
  • And—of course—the world’s first “Oy!”
“An entertaining refresher course for adults and a breezy primer for kids.”
“[Mack’s] formidable talents as a storyteller, amateur historian and bravura cartoonist make for a very entertaining (and informative) dash through Jewish history.”
Publishers Weekly
“Highly readable and extremely enjoyable.... Presents concepts and ideas that, for other authors, might take pages or chapters to explain. Through imaginative drawings, delivers the concepts and convictions of the Jewish people in a charming and engrossing style. Mazel Tov: we really needed this opus to supplement all the other long and stodgy Jewish history books.”
Rabbi Lawrence Goldmark, former president, the Board of Rabbis of Southern California
“Funny and original, and it won’t take 4,000 years to read.”
Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons


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