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The Earth Is the Lord's

The Inner World of the Jew in Eastern Europe

Abraham Joshua Heschel
with woodcut illustrations by Ilya Schor

5.5 x 8, 128 pp, Quality Paperback, 978-1-879045-42-2

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Powerfully and beautifully portrays a bygone Jewish culture.
The story about the life of the Jews in Eastern Europe which has come to an end in our days is what I have tried to tell in this essay. I have not talked about their books, their art or institutions, but about their daily life, about their habits and customs, about their attitudes toward the basic things in life, about the scale of values which directed their aspirations…
In this period our people attained the highest degree of inwardness…. It was the golden period in Jewish history, in the history of the Jewish soul.
—from The Earth Is the Lord’s
“Dr. Heschel re-creates the mind and character of a whole people and of an entire era. Not only Jews, but all who regard the culture of the inner life as important will find this book moving and meaningful.”
           —Virginia Kirkus
“Dr. Heschel admirably succeeds in conveying much of the inner content and the glory of traditional Jewish culture as it grew and throbbed in the towns and villages of Central and Eastern Europe. In few and eloquent pages the world can learn what it has lost.”
          —Marvin Lowenthal,  New York Herald Tribune Book Review
“I do not know of any work in which the spiritual life of Eastern European Jewry is portrayed with such complete understanding and thorough appreciation.”
Dr. Louis Finkelstein
“There are few books in English that plunge us so deeply into the depths of Jewish reality.”  
Irving Kristol, Commentary


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